Basic 6 label kit

4" x 4"
The most cost effective option for protecting six mobile items. This kit contains 6 polyester labels with basic pay-for-results service. No retail packaging. Available only in this configuration. Enhanced service benefits cover items protected by these labels. Recoveries for items that are not in an Enhanced Service account are processed on a pay-for-results basis ($49/recovery, plus shipping if applicable and optional cash reward). New! StuffBak now offers pre-activated packs as a time-saving service. If this option is selected, labels will be activated to purchaser's account prior to shipment. You can immediately apply the labels to any device without further action required. At any time, you can login and update your inventory registry to include additional details about your registered items. Meanwhile, rest assured your pre-activated labels, tags or cases are already linked to your account.


This Pack Contains

1 Round Label(s) 0.75" diameter
1 Wrap-around Label(s) 2.625" x .25"
1 Standard Label(s) 2" x .75"
1 Narrow Label(s) 2.5" x .375"
1 Slim Label(s) 1.7" x .09375"

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StuffBak is no longer renewing or offering Enhanced Service plans. Service will be provided through December 31, 2014 per the terms of your existing Enhanced Service plan. Customers with expired service plans will continue to receive Basic Service ($49/recovery, plus shipping charges if applicable). Basic service is provided M-F, 9-5PM Mountain Time.